What is Honda B1 Service?

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When your vehicle is in need of a type of service, your Honda Maintenance Minder will tell you what type of service it needs by displaying a number of service codes, which include a letter and a number. The “B” in “Honda B1 service” indicates that Chicago drivers are due for an oil change and mechanical inspection, while the “1” indicates that you’re due to have your tires rotated. The mechanical inspection is quite thorough. Let’s take a look at what it involves in more detail. We’ll also cover when to get Honda B1 service. Once you’re done reading, if you’re in need of Honda B1 service, schedule a Honda service appointment in Aurora at Valley Honda.

What Does the Honda B1 Mechanical Inspection Cover?

Now that you know what Honda B1 service is, let’s take a look at everything it covers. Alongside providing Naperville drivers with an oil change, filter replacement, and tire rotation, you can expect the following:

  • Inspection of the brake lines and hoses, as well as vehicle stability assist systems and anti-lock brakes
  • Inspection of the exhaust system
  • Inspection of the fuel lines and connections
  • Inspection of the front and rear brake rotors and pads (Cleaning and lubrication to moving brake components performed during brake reassembly)
  • Parking brake adjustment
  • Inspection of the steering gearbox, tie-rod ends, and boots
  • Inspection of the suspension components
  • Inspection of the driveshaft boots
  • Inspection of all fluid levels and conditions (coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc.)

When to Get Honda B1 Service?

Your Honda Maintenance Minder will alert you when it’s time to get Honda B1 service. If for some reason it doesn’t, just remember that you should have it performed every other oil change.

Have Questions About Honda B1 Service?

If you still have any questions about the B1 service or would like to know when the best time is to come in for the B1 service, please give us a call at (630) 389-1916. In the meantime, Oswego drivers can explore our Honda service tips for more helpful reads, including our comprehensive Honda service code glossary!

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