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Coupe vs. Sedan: What’s the Difference?

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Often, the main difference between coupe and sedans that comes to mind is door count. Typically, it’s thought that coupes have two doors and sedans have four. While this can be true, it’s not always the case. What’s more, this isn’t the only difference to consider when deciding between a coupe vs. sedan. Valley Honda covers what sets sedans vs. coupes apart in our guide below!

Sedan vs. Coupes: What’s the Difference?

More than about the number of doors, the differences between coupes and sedans show up in a number of ways in styling, as well as performance:

  • Door Count: As mentioned above, coupes can often come with two doors, while sedans have four.
  • Body Styling: When comparing coupes vs. sedans, coupes have a shorter stature compared to sedans. Due to these differences, the styling of coupe models includes longer doors and longer rear windows. This gives the coupe a sportier look. Meanwhile, sedans deliver a more balanced appearance and put a priority on luxury.
  • Performance Differences: Another difference in sedans vs. coupes is performance. Coupes provide agile handling and a sportier feel around Naperville. Sedans, on the other hand, often include a different suspension and more engine options due to their larger size.
  • Interior Dimensions: Coupes can typically only seat four adults. Sedans seat five and offer more legroom for road trips from Oswego.
  • Cargo Capacity: Since sedans are longer by design, they provide more cargo space for your groceries and gear.

Should I Get a Coupe or a Sedan?

Coupes and sedans are both great vehicles, but which will be the best for your lifestyle depends on multiple factors. Sedans are great for those who have families or need more cargo space. If you’re looking for a more athletic model that can let you zip through the roads of Naperville, a coupe is a better bet.

See the Difference Between a Coupe & Sedan in Aurora

While we’ve covered the points that differentiate coupes vs. sedans, you can experience these differences for yourself with a test drive at Valley Honda. Schedule a test drive today at our Naperville-area Honda dealership.

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