Recent Breakthrough Makes Honda Hybrid Motors More Affordable

August 25th, 2016 by

2017 Accord Hybrid

Honda recently made some exciting developments, especially in terms of green technologies. Thanks to an innovative design for an electric motor, Honda was able to create an EV engine that does not require the use of highly expensive and rare earth metals.

According to Automotive News, many electric motor designs on the market require extremely rare metals, like dysprosium and terbium, in order to power magnets used in electricity generation. However, thanks to an engineering breakthrough, Honda is now able to develop engines that are more affordable, as well as better for the environment

“A reduction in the use of heavy rare earth elements has been one of the major challenges needing to be addressed,” said Honda and Daido Steel Co. in a joint release.

Typically, such rare metals are used for resistance properties; however, Daido Steel Co. has agreed to supply the automaker with affordable metals that use a hot-deformation method to create magnets instead. Honda hybrid motors are certainly setting themselves apart from competing designs.

Automakers have been scrambling to find rare metals for years, often at the mercy of Chinese suppliers. This new engine will help preserve the natural supply of metals like dysprosium and terbium, while also decreasing the demand and lowering prices. Electric cars are about to become more affordable than ever thanks to Honda.

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