Valley Honda Wins President’s Award for 11th Year in a Row

March 23rd, 2018 by

It’s no easy business earning a Honda President’s Award, but Valley Honda has just done it for the 11th consecutive year! That means we’ve shown excellent:

  • Sales and Profitability

  • Vehicle Condition Index (VCI) Scores

  • Customer Service Experience (CSE) Scores

  • Service Retention

  • Sales and Profitability

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to achieve take home so prestigious an award 11 years running.

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What is the Honda President’s Award?

There are plenty of automotive awards, but the President’s Award is the one Honda dealerships tend to care about most. It’s the most coveted honor Honda can grant its dealerships, and it’s one that only approximately 15% of Honda dealerships nationawide earn each year.

You won’t find many around Naperville, Aurora, or Chicago — in fact, only two dealerships in the Chicagoland area have earned this award. It’s a prize reserved for elite locations. So what goes into achieving a President’s Award?

How Do You Earn a Honda President’s Award?

In addition to posting strong sales, profitability, and brand representation, dealerships looking to secure a Honda President’s award need to score high in the following areas:

  • Vehicle Condition Index (VCI): Dealership must achieve a minimum YTD score of 97.

  • Customer Service Experience (CSE): Dealership must achieve a minimum YTD score of 91.

  • Service Retention: Dealership must be average or above average.

Put simply, you need to provide exceptional vehicles, work to satisfy every customer who comes through the door, and show that drivers are returning to your service center time and again.

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What Makes Valley Honda Special?

Valley Honda is already the Largest Volume Honda Dealer in Illinois. That said, it’s quality that really separates us from the competition. We might be large, but we keep things friendly and personal with every customer we meet — having such an expansive showroom merely means that we have more to show, so it’s natural that drivers keep coming back.

That might be why we’ve won the Honda President’s Award every year since 2007.

Looking for a Dealership in Aurora? Look to this 11-Time Winner of the Honda President’s Award

If you’d like to experience the Valley Honda difference firsthand, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Whether you need to schedule servicing or arrange a test drive, we’re always ready and waiting to be of assistance.

* According to American Honda Motors 2017 New Volume Sales in Illinois