Learn What to Keep in Your Car’s Trunk

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Need to know what to keep in your car? Start by taking a look in the trunk. Most trunks are empty when they aren’t being used for shopping or luggage, but they should contain:

  • Breakdown Kit

  • Car Emergency Kit

  • Convenience Kit

Your breakdown, car emergency, and convenience kits don’t need to take up too much space, but you’ll be glad you have them along for the ride should you ever need them.

Breakdown Kit

Even the finest of vehicles can suffer an unexpected flat or spring a leak — horror of horrors, your battery could die. That’s why every trunk needs the following items to create a breakdown kit:

  • Spare Tire with Tire Jack and Tire Iron

  • Tire Inflator and Sealers

  • Jumper Cables

  • Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Duct Tape and WD-40

  • Owner’s Manual

You should also keep your car repair information on hand, including:

  • Local Service Center Number

  • Car Insurance Claim Forms

Emergency Supplies for Car

Car Emergency Kit

Sometimes getting stranded or suffering a breakdown is merely an inconvenience, but you might be in real trouble if you’re facing a freezing Chicago winter or find yourself stuck on a seldom-travelled road between Naperville and Aurora.

As such, keeping a car emergency kit in your trunk is important. That kit should include:

  • Basic First Aid Kit

  • Flashlight

  • Multi-tool

  • Matches or Lighter

  • Non-Perishable Food

  • Water

  • Weather Radio

  • Warm Clothes

  • Wet Weather Clothes

  • Mylar Space Blanket

  • Ice Scraper

  • Reflective Triangle and Reflective Vest

  • Cardboard or Carpet Remnant (to place under the tires in show)

Convenience Kit

Your trunk should contain items centered around comfort and convenience as well as emergency situations. Here’s a quick list of the basics you might want to bring along:

  • Spare Change/Emergency Funds

  • Umbrella

  • Reusable Shopping Bags

  • Change of Clothes

  • Mobile Device Charger

  • Pencil and Paper

  • Tissues

  • Paper Towels or a Hand Towel

Look to Valley Honda for the Things You Need to Keep in Your Car

The team here at Valley Honda can help you out of trouble and provide anything from the parts you need and the specials to save on them to complex repair work. We’re also the ideal place to pick up a few of those breakdown supplies, including tires at special rates, so contact us today to find out more.

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