Honda’s Future Cars

Honda’s Future Cars

It’s been a strong year for concept cars, and Honda future cars have continued to steal the spotlight at auto shows across the world. Whether in Detroit or Frankfurt, Geneva or Tokyo, we’ve heard top automotive authorities speak excitedly about:

  • The Honda Sports EV Concept
  • The 2&4 Racing Concept

Want to find out why these concepts have aroused such fervent speculation?

The Honda Sports EV Concept

Too many concepts play it safe. The Honda Sports EV Concept isn’t one of them. It feels like a 60’s example of prototype 21st-century technology, but it never strays into the arena of novelty. Instead, the traditional long-hood/short-rear-deck layout is complemented by curvy lines and a smoothed body to create a captivating design.

The cabin is set far back, and the Sports EV will use a dedicated EV-specific platform. We don’t yet know which axle (or axles) will receive power, but the batteries seem to be slung low to the ground to achieve a low center of gravity. Most intriguing of all is Honda’s promise to foster “one-ness between driver and car” by “incorporating AI technology.” We can’t wait to find out more.

Honda Sport EV Concept

2018 Honda 2&4 Concept

The 2&4 Racing Concept

The 2&4 Racing Concept probably isn’t a vehicle you’re ever going to see cruising between Naperville and Aurora or Bolingbrook and Chicago, but it’s a fascinating glimpse of Honda’s view of the future.

The Project 2&4 Concept was first unveiled back in 2015, and it has lost none of its potency. What we have here is a blend of motorcycle and car. The open-air cabin features only two seats held along a cast-aluminum backbone chassis. Designers unquestionable drew inspiration from the 1965 Honda RA272 Formula 1 car, but the classic V12 has been replaced by a 1.0L V4 that makes up to 212 hp. Considering the concept weighed in at just 893 pounds, that’s an exceptional power-to-weight ratio.

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